David bailey

Before the age of Tony Blair's Cool Britannia, there was David Bailey--Cockney arbiter of the UK's "Birth of the Cool." When Mary Quant designed the first thigh-skimming mini-dress, when Jean Shrimpton burst on the scene, and when The Beatles took the world by storm, David Bailey had arrived ahead of time to record the scene with his camera. This young photographer emerged from London's tough East End and rose to become England's most famous fashion and celebrity photographer. He lived with Jean Shrimpton, was friends with Mick Jagger, married Catherine Deneuve, and was the inspiration for Michelangelo Antonioni's cinema classic Blow-Up. David Bailey’s Birth of the Cool series tells the story of his meteoric rise to the top; his photographs of the most celebrated models and movie stars, aristocrats, and rock stars of the 1960s; and defines an era for all time. 


Michael Caine, 1965/1990

Michael Caine, 1965/1990

26 x 22 inch Platinum-Palladium print, framed

Bon á tirer print (PP) from edition of 20